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2020 is here, don't get left behind!

As 2020 begins it is important to put your best foot forward to lock in some CRT work for the year.

But why is it so different at the beginning of the school year? What can I do to lock myself in at a school during the quietest time of year for CRT work? How to survive during these times?

The school year is not a sprint, it is a marathon. As Casual Relief Teachers, we are the ones who step in to help the teachers out during this 40 week long marathon. But as support, we need to make sure we are keeping the class on track the best we can.

At the beginning of the year, classroom teachers spend majority of their time trying to establish routine and direction with the new group of students. This means that they are less likely to take time off at the start of the year. This is the main reason why work is so scarce for first few weeks back at school. Planning and Professional Practice Days have not been set out till later in the term and all of a sudden people panic over a lack of work in the first couple of weeks.

But, there is work… you just need to make sure when it comes you grab it and do your best to be asked back. It isn’t just about being amazing with the children, you need to do more.

- Accept half days – During the busier times, people turn down half days in favor of full days. Schools know you want full days, however, accepting a half day of work during the busier times of year will mean that during the quieter times of year you are automatically called upon.

- Extra’s – Offer to take on extra yard duties. A teacher that offers to take another teachers yard duty is a big deal. The simple act is remembered and all of a sudden your name is mentioned to the CRT organizer in a very positive light.

- Be remembered – Simply being up for a conversation with other staff within the staffroom or with a parent after school can be the difference when someone needs a CRT.

Surviving during the quiet times is important. Within schools there are other casual jobs other than Teaching. Opportunities such as Teaching Assistant or Administration might also pop up, and at the quieter times of year… Is some money better than no money? Letting the Agency know you are versatile can see your work options explode.

2020 is off and running, don’t get caught in the blocks. Give yourself the best opportunity for any role within a school until the work really picks up.

Regards – Mitch – Your friendly neighbourhood Casual Relief Teacher.

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