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Boredom Busters for the Lockdown Blues

If you’re like me, you might not be a massive fan of being stuck inside a 5km bubble (or being stuck inside in general). With the seemingly endless lockdowns and media bombardment of how dire everything is, it may be hard to keep your head above water.

While we may only have another month or two of lockdown ahead of us, mental health is a big deal, and it’s in times like these we should be connecting with our favourite people and making lasting memories!

While we wait for schools to return to onsite teaching, here are a few little happiness projects that might brighten your day and keep you feeling well connected at the same time.

Host a virtual party!

Whether it’s having a weekly book club, sharing a virtual meal, or even throwing a themed party for your best mates, there’s no limit to the possibilities. Most of the video conferencing apps have the ability to share screens, so with some carefully curated music choices, you’ll be dancing away like the old days!

Create a unique hashtag to share photos with your friends and family 📸

Whether you’re holding weekly projects or just taking photos with a theme, Instagram can give you a great space to show off your skills with the camera! Pool those photos together, and you’ll have an instant online gallery to look back on for years to come.

Get inspired and create a happy memories cookbook!

This is one of my favourite happiness projects, because it incorporates great memories with the tastiest food! If you have a spare notebook, start off by asking your family or friends for their favourite recipes. I like to write a paragraph about what the person means to me, why I love that particular recipe or what variations can be made to the recipe. You could even make it a group project and share it amongst your closest friends. There’s no limit to the kind of wonderful memories you might dig up in your quest for the best cake!

If you want to know more about happiness projects, look no further than the Queen of Happiness Gretchen Rubin. Her positive attitude and quirky projects will leave you feeling refreshed, no matter what your situation is.

Let us know how you go, you might even be able to incorporate these projects into your teaching to encourage emotional resilience!

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