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Life as we know it has been turned on its head in the past few months.

But it is almost as if time has been pushed back as well as moved forward all at the same time.

Some have referred to the lockdown as a reset. Families are spending more time together riding bikes, waling dogs, playing board games and petrol is under a dollar per litre. It is as if a clock has been spun backwards, but only for certain parts of our lives.

On the flip side, the future seems as if it has been thrust upon us, especially in education. Just before the end of term 1 the directive went out to all teachers to move their entire programs into online lessons. Students to learn from home and conversing to their Teachers via video conferences and email.

This unfortunately meant CRT’s have been left in the dark. Minimal work, limited opportunities for learning and losing touch with the schools they had worked so hard to build relationships with.

Does this mean CRT’s can rest and hope? Certainly not!!

This is the time more than ever when we are cooped up at home to re-engage in learning.

At Free Agency we have run Professional Development with Dale Sidebottom from Energetic Education and Michele Hays from Living with Grace in the past. As well as online Professional Development courses there is one avenue that is largely forgotten and underrated until recently.

Podcasts. There is a Podcast for almost any genre and an abundance of Education podcasts. Dale Sidebottom himself has one called ‘Energetic Radio’. His Latest episode talks about building engagement remotely. Which is perfect for the times we are currently in.

Do you have some suggestions?

We would love to hear them, tag @freeagencyaustralia on Instagram when you find one!!

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