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Creative Writing Resources

This week we thought we would provide you with some creative writing resources to encourage primary students to use their imagination and be inspired to write an impressive narrative piece. Writers block can happen, and these resources can be helpful to get students thinking about their writing.

Sometimes it is hard to think on the spot and come up with a creative writing prompt for students. Look no further! Scholastic has a Story Starter Generator which you can display to students on the big screen. How to use it you can firstly choose what theme you are looking to write; Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi or Scrambler then you press the lever, it then decides for you what the story can be about. The story starter can be as whacky and crazy which of course students will get a giggle out of! This resource can be used for Grade 1 to 6 year levels.

Visuals can be a great way for students to brainstorm a story through a setting! We have found a website where you can choose a picture that has prompts to support creative writing with students. This would be great for a warm-up activity before a literacy lesson to get their minds working!

Below we have a link that has some sentence starters for the upper year levels to explore and get creative with. They also have some images to go with some of the sentence starters.

While we are on the topic in literacy, The Teacher’s Toolkit Podcast is great to listen to as it is all about literacy in the classroom! There are over 60 episodes to explore and provides you with the latest tips, tricks, and tools to inspire students and the school community. They have many special guests and experts to listen to. This is a great way to boost your professional learning hours! We hope these online resources has gotten you inspired for creative writing in the classroom!

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