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CRT life is the GOOD life

Something different for today, Matilda was one to take on any assignment. She took on everything that was thrown her way and returned serve with a spectacular forehand deep into our backcourt. Eventually finding herself in the school she wanted to work at. Matilda has gone from the FUN teacher that came and went through schools to the FUN teacher every child wants!! Here is a brief blog from Matilda herself.

It’s 7:00 am, I roll over in my bed and answer my phone that’s buzzing loudly on my bed side table. To my excitement my screen lit up with “Incoming Call FREE AGENCY” I answer anxiously and find out where my first day as a CRT will be.

That’s when my journey of CRT life begun...

I arrive at school before anyone is even in the office (SUPER KEEN I know) ... the school is locked and so I sit down and wait patiently for someone to show me where to go. During that time the nerves kick in and my mind starts racing... Will I get lost? Will the teachers like me? How can I be in multiple classes, Will I choke in front of the kids, will I forget how to TEACH?

Luckily…. The day went so fast it was over before I knew it…

CRT life had its ups that’s for sure! 3:30 finishes(3:45 if a preppies ride home is a bit late), no reports, no staff meetings and being branded the FUN teacher!

But it also had its downs… Yard duty everyday sometimes 2, never knowing what kind of class you might have and the 6, 6:15, 6:30, 6:45 and 7 am CONSTANT alarms, I mean I don’t want to miss a phone call?

Once you find your feet as a CRT you quickly start to build relationships with different schools and teachers, and they will treat you like one of their own. I myself have found the school I love thanks to CRT work and Free Agency.

Being a CRT also helps modify your teaching styles to new learning varieties and student requirements, allowing you to build more confidence with your teaching methods. The class I have now, if they think they can pull something I have not seen before, they are sorely mistaken!

CRT life is the good life, an easy stepping stone into the life of a teacher. You can hone your Teaching techniques while not having to worry about the administration side of teaching while still having the flexibility of days off. And if you are clever, you can fill in those gaps over the school holidays very easily.

Matilda Tench – CRT Extraordinaire with a killer forehand

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