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CRT Toolkit – What are the 'must haves' when relief teaching?

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Whether you are beginning your casual teaching journey or those returning for another year of casual relief teaching, it is always important to be prepared for the unknown when going into schools.

When beginning out as a casual teacher, I made myself prepared for the unknown as it can be a little daunting doing your first shift at schools you have never been to or the pre-anxiety of not knowing if anything is left for the class you are taking for the day.

Here is a list of the must have supplies to support you when going into schools whether you have these thoughts or to be more prepared for the unknown:

Resource Folder -

An A4 Folder with plastic pockets and subdividers for each year level is a great way to be organised with your resources. These resources could be a range of engaging lesson plans, lists of brain break games, early finisher activities or even a list of favourite picture books to read for different year levels that could be found in the school library. It is also a great storage place for the resources we send you via email from our weekly newsletters that you want to try out!

Feedback Template -

At the back of the A4 Folder have the pre-printed Feedback Template ready to write the end of the day notes to the teacher absent. Always make sure there are positive notes about the day. You could do this be listing any supportive students that helped you or mention any lessons that worked well! This feedback will make the teacher’s day when going back in the classroom.

Lanyard -

Your Free Agency Lanyard is not just for you to hold your VIT Card, you can attach a whistle to your lanyard which is helpful for PE sessions or gaining attention when playing games outside if they are too far away to raise your voice. You can also attach a USB with all digital copies of resources just in case the school for the day provides you with a CRT Laptop to use.

Pencil case with Stationery -

A pencil case with the necessities such as a container sharpener, ruler, glue stick, small scissors, eraser, whiteboard markers, pens, and grey led pencils is always good to have with you.

Hat –

For Term 1 and 4 you will need to make sure you have your hat in your bag for Yard Duty.

By the end of preparing your CRT Toolkit for the new year you will feel like Mary Poppins by having everything with you in your bag!

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