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Education Support Resources

We are so appreciative to have amazing Education Support staff who work for us at Free Agency!

This week, we thought we would provide our Education Support staff with some supportive resources to use when out supporting students at schools or for new education support staff beginning their experience.

The Victorian Government Department of Education and Training has a range of resources and information for educators to support students with diverse learning and support needs.

Below are some links to access information and teaching resources to support students with additional learning needs.

Australian Teacher Aide is another place for Teacher aides and teachers to have access to professional learning resources online. They have a wide number of P-12 resources to support when out supporting students. To access, you will need to make a free login, the professional learning may not be free however the resources are accessible. This is another way to build up those professional hours!

We also thought we would let you know about some live webinars coming up in October on Think Organise Do Pro which supplies teachers with professional learning that specialises in Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Intellectual Disability, and associated areas of learning challenges. These are a great, convenient way to get those professional hours up, so please do check them out!

Twinkl has a free downloadable teacher’s aide pack where you can print, laminate, and have with you in your toolkit when out at schools. This pack can also provide you with inspiration to create your own resources that could be supportive to the students you work with.

We hope these resources will support you with your students and to have in your toolkit when out at schools.

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