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Education Week 2022 Resources

In its 78th year, Education Week from 22nd May to 28th May celebrates the strengths and achievements of Victoria's government education sector! This year is also the 150th anniversary of public education in Victoria!

Schools use Education Week as an opportunity to commemorate the past, celebrate the present and imagine the future for education! Teachers use this time for students to reflect on their success and achievements in their learning! This can be celebrated in the classroom, assemblies, or special activities such as exhibitions or displays that explore a school’s history. This week we thought we would explore some resources that commemorate Education Week.

The Department of Education provide some free activities to use in the classroom during education week. They have a teacher’s toolkit to explore, and the ideas could be useful to create lessons not just for education week but as a reflection task for students to be critical thinkers when it comes to their own learning. We have attached the links below for more information on Education Week and the Teacher’s toolkit to access the free activities.

Twinkl provides some free resources regarding Education Week. There some great reflection writing tasks for students to reflect on their learning. This great for them to celebrate their success and achievement while also assessing areas they want to improve within their learning.

We hope you will come across some familiar education week activities when out teaching this week!

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