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Engaging ICT Resources for the Classroom

Keeping students engaged with their learning in the classroom can be challenging!

This week, we thought we would continue the theme of ICT and provide you with some engaging ICT Resources to explore and use when out relief teaching. Many of these sites you may have already seen at schools as they are a big hit with students!

On the ABC Network, Behind the News (also known as BTN) is a fun, creative way for upper primary students (10–13-year old’s) to learn about what is happening in the world around them. This is a great way to unpack and explain certain current affairs that students question in the classroom and to give them more of an insight.

Many of the schools we send you to love to use Kahoot! This is where you can create your own online quiz or get students to create a quiz based on learning to share with the class. You will need a login for this site to use. Students join in through a game pin that is provided the created quiz. Kahoot is great to engage students with a warm-up game before mathematics, literacy, or even a unit of inquiry. It can be used for anything to quiz students! We have attached twos links: one is an information video explaining what Kahoot is and the second link is the home page to create an account if interested.

Quizizz is another online quiz game to keep students engaged. There are some quizzes already created that you could use that relate to the learning too! Like Kahoot, you will need a login and students can access through a game pin to play.

Storyline Online is a children’s literacy website that has many well-known actors reading children’s books. Some of the readers include Oprah Winfrey, Kristen Bell, Betty White, Wanda Sykes, Kevin Costner and many more! This is a great hit during Fruit Break, wet day timetable or when students are eating lunch inside! GoNoodle is a great way to get students moving while also learning. They do a range of videos that has plenty of dancing, stretching, running, jumping and deep breathing which is a great brain break activity for the younger years!

We hope everyone has a fantastic week and have gained something new with these engaging ICT Resources!

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