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Father's Day Lesson Ideas

Father’s Day is this Sunday 9th August and we have found some creative activities to have up your sleeve for teaching this week! Many of these activities are great to do in the classroom but also if you are in the Art Room!

As you may know this occasion can be sensitive so just remember to be mindful and considerate of different family situations of students you may be with. You may need to ask staff members in the school before doing anything with the celebration just to make sure it is okay to go ahead. In our Mother's Day Lesson Ideas Blog, we mentioned an alternative lesson idea if this is the case of sensitivity.

Origami is something upper year students find fascinating with paper, and they LOVE following tutorials on how to make certain objects. We have found some fun origami activities to make Father’s Day creative for students.

Our first lesson idea is a T-shirt card where students can get creative with knowing what type of shirt their dad wears when it comes to their occupation or their daily wear shirt! The website provides step by step instructions and materials needed. Below is the link to explore.

Another Origami challenge is making a gift bag to hold students’ creations or bought gifts for the celebration! This matches the above Father’s Day Card. The website also provides step by step instructions and materials needed. Below is the link to explore.

Twinkl always have something to use last minute for an activity and they have popped on their website a list of Father’s Day activities for this year! Below is the website to have a read through and gain inspiration for this week.

We hope these lesson ideas will give you inspiration for the week and we wish all father's and father's to be a wonderful Father's Day!


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