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Filling in the holes!

A common question asked of us here in the Free Agency office is, ‘Do you have connections to any work over the School Holidays?’.

The simple answer is yes…

Casual Relief Teachers constantly have the threat of going 2 week without work during school holidays and even longer over the summer holidays.

There are however, plenty of places to fill in those income gaps if you know where to look.

· Agencies more often than not will have connections for you to use to get in contact with holiday care providers. For us at Free Agency we want to make sure we provide all our staff with as many opportunities for work as possible. This means putting them in contact with our friends in the holiday care business.

· When transitioning from a job had whilst at University to CRT work, it is important to let them know you are available for work well in advance on those dates. This means they might be able to approve someone else’s leave, or place more bookings for those dates, etc. Either way, keeping in contact with them can be the difference between filling in your holidays and sitting on your hands at home.

From my own personal experience, I always stayed in touch with my previous casual jobs just in case. Sure enough it has meant they are appreciative of the extra hand when it is available. Small business’ are always appreciative of the extra help during peak times such as Christmas.

There is plenty to do to fill in that gaps between casual relief teaching. If you have nothing lined up, speak to your agency. They will be more than accommodating. We know we are here at Free Agency.


Mitch James, Fridge and Washing Machine Installer extraordinaire and CRT.

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