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HARMONY DAY! - Teaching and Learning Resources

We hope you had a wonderful long weekend and had some time for yourselves with this busy Term 1 we are having!

Did you know next Monday 21st of March is Harmony Day? Harmony Day is a day to celebrate the cohesive and inclusive nature of Australia and promote a culturally diverse society.

On this day students and teachers come dressed in orange which signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. Some of you may be familiar with it or it may be a first experience.

We thought this week we would provide you with some information and resources for the day to explain to students what Harmony Day is and why this day is celebrated.

The Australian Government website provides a list of lesson plans and ideas for any subject expertise to learn about cultural diversity in Australia. You can also explore this website for more information on Harmony Day and how it is not only celebrated in schools but the wider community!

We have also found some interesting information and facts about diversity and immigration in Australia that ties into why we celebrate Harmony Day. This would be a great introduction to share these facts to students as it engages on why we celebrate Harmony Day and how lucky we are to be a multicultural nation!

Teacher Starter have a range of teaching resources and ideas to celebrate Harmony Day in the classroom for all year levels.

We hope these Harmony Day Resources will be helpful for all our CRT's and teacher aides next Monday to celebrate cultural diversity!

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