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As schools settle back into routine, it is important that we too settle back into a routine to ensure we give ourselves the best opportunity at receiving work.

Gone are the summer mornings of no phone calls and arrived are the mornings of “the waiting game”.

Obviously as the school year starts, relief work will be few and far between. This does not mean we should not be ready and raring to go just in case.

6:30 am – Awake, get dressed and be ready for the phone call!

7:30 am – If you have not received a call, be ready to walk out that door! As we know, schools are not always around the corner and being able to get up and go straight away is the key to getting work all year round.

LATE CALLS – The better you are on your phone the more likely you are to get a call. If you look after your contacts by answering the phone and keeping your availability up to date, they will look after you!

8:30 am – Arrive at school. Being early is key to making a good impression. Greet the office staff, and gather all your information for the day - what class you are taking, where the classroom is, yard duties and any other important information to get through the day.

9 am – The day begins, greet the students and have a great day!

9-3:30 - Throughout the day ensure you are stern but fair with the students. Ensure you complete any work that has been left by the outgoing teacher. Make sure you are flexible for the schools requirements and have fun with the students. It doesn’t take much for a prep student to call you ‘the best teacher ever’. That being said, they may have only had 1 teacher in their school lives.

3:30 pm – Send the students off home! Be sure to make sure all children are collected or head to After School Care. Especially in the younger grades.

3:30 – 3:45 – Once all the students have left, return the room to the same way in which you found it and write down your communication for the classroom teacher. This step is very important, the classroom teachers need to know as much about your day in their classroom as possible. Detailed notes about the days lessons and any behaviours issues is a must!

Upon leaving, thank the staff for having you and make sure you sign any paper work required by the school.

As mentioned above, routine is very important! Get into the right routine early on in the year and the rest of the year will fall into place.

Good Vibes and High Fives,

Mitch James – Teaching and Development Manager and lover of all things fun!

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