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Music Resources

This week we thought we would provide you with some resources when teaching music to support you when out at schools. There can be some hesitation to cover Music classes at school. This hesitation could be from not knowing if anything is left to teach or where to start to make the learning engaging. The main point of teaching a specialist is to create student engagement and fun for the day. Challenge yourself and who knows, you may even learn something new too!

We have found an insightful video where Anita Collins speaks about the benefits of Music Education for children and how it supports them in the classroom. Anita Collins has also done a Ted Talk based on the benefits of Music Education which is also another video worth watching. Below are the two links to check out:

We have found some music games for the classroom that suit certain age ranges. Many of the provided games can also be done as brain break games or an end of the day game. has plenty of Music Worksheets to explore or have in your CRT Toolkit when taking music classes. These are great to pull out and create a lesson with or an early finisher task to extend student learning!

An easy way to begin a music lesson is through rhythm and beats. We have attached a pdf by Kim Maloney that has the French Note Names which can be used with students to make a clapping rhythm. This can be recited as a class warm up game so students know how long a particular note or rest is.

Rhythm Charts - Notes and Rests
Download PDF • 197KB

Amplify Music Education are a recently new online resource that were at The Education Show 2022. They provide already made music lesson plans for primary school teachers. Watch this space, as they are thinking about providing casual relief teachers. We have attached the website below if interested for more information about Amplify Education.

We hope these resources will support you when out teaching music classes and to give you confidence in something that is out of your comfort zone.

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Teaching music can be a delightful challenge, and these resources seem like a treasure trove for educators looking to make their music classes engaging and enjoyable. It's true; the key to successful teaching is creating an environment where students not only learn but also have fun doing so. These resources appear to provide a valuable toolkit for music educators, helping them navigate the world of music education with creativity and enthusiasm. After all, sparking a love for music in students can be a lifelong gift! Promote the music of young artists with the purchase of spotify monthly listeners:

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