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Persuasive Writing Resources

Persuasive Writing is one of the writing pieces where students get to share their opinion and have the freedom to decide what they think for a certain prompt. For this week’s newsletter, we thought we would share some persuasive writing resources to make students writing more fun and engaging! Many of the resources mentioned will prompt students to brainstorm and to have an opinion, use alternative vocabulary choices and to overall be motivated to put pencil to paper when it comes to the persuasive writing structure.

Rather than just providing the class with one prompt for Persuasive Writing, Rainbow Sky Creations have some inspirational fun and engaging activities for students from Year 2 to Year 6. Check them out as they can be supportive when creating lessons based on persuasive writing!

The next resource we have attached is for secondary teachers who just need some lesson ideas inspiration based on persuasive writing. The Teacher Learning Network has a pdf filled with sixteen lesson plans that support persuasive reading and writing. We have popped the link below to support with lesson creating and overall inspiration when it comes to persuasive techniques.

Teacher Starter has a collection of persuasive writing resources to teach the structure, persuasive techniques and language devices. Many of these resources will support students learning to persuade their audience through their writing.

Super Teaching Worksheets have some Persuasive Writing activities which can be implemented into the learning when teaching persuasive writing to students. Many of the worksheets are writing prompts which can be supportive when completing a class brainstorm on a topic.

Reading Rockets have a list of some persuasive reading texts targeted for primary students. They have a blurb under each book about the story and the targeted persuasive techniques and devices used by the author. Some of the blurbs supply a lesson plan link that uses the selected book. If the school library doesn’t have these listed books, you can see if it is read on YouTube to present to the class. Just remember to priorly to look at the link before presenting anything to students.

We hope these resources will support you by getting inspired for persuasive writing ideas when out casually teaching!


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