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Phonogram Resources

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

We are halfway through Term 1! It is amazing how quickly time flies when we are doing what we love to do!

Phonogram learning is the first strategy children use when first learning to read. Many of the schools you go to use phonograms to teach students the letters and combination of letters that represent sounds. This week we have found some phonogram activities and learning resources to engage younger students with their phonic understanding for reading, spelling, and writing.

The Department of Education and Training have some insightful information and resources on phonic learning. This is a great introduction to understand the importance of phonological awareness and where to start when teaching this strategy.

All About Learning explains how to teach phonograms with videos and demonstrations. They even provide some downloadable phonogram games to use in the classroom.

Teacher Starter have some inspiring phonic games to get students learning phonics hands on. They cover well known games such as Bingo and even Twister! These games will truly inspire you to engage students in phonic awareness.

Reading Eggs also provide some fun activities to do with the class that don’t need much equipment. Some of them can be done as a warm-up activity or an end of lesson game to assess the learning.

We hope you all have an enjoyable week and get to explore these phonic resources!

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