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Remembrance Day 2022

This Friday is Remembrance Day, which is the day we remember those who have fought to allow us to enjoy the wonderful life we have in Australia. It is a time to remember and to be grateful, even with everything going on in the world. This week, we have found some creative activities and lesson ideas to commemorate Remembrance Day.

The ABC have provided a teacher lesson plan based on the children’s program ‘Behind the News’ explaining why we commemorate Remembrance Day and why is it significant. The lesson plan provides the connections to the Australian Curriculum and has activities that relate to the Behind the News episode.

To make Remembrance Day a way for students to contribute to the commemoration, we have found some craft Poppy and Wreath ideas. Check them out, there is a wreath that is made from paper hands which is a great symbolism of mateship and togetherness for the day.

Twinkl has provided a list of Remembrance Day Picture Books for Lower Primary which is great to know about when teaching about Remembrance Day or Anzac Day. These books could be found in school libraries to read to students on this day to support with understanding of why we commemorate this day in our history.

Fuse via the DET website has plenty of History resources based on WW1 and WW2 that align closely to the Victorian Curriculum for upper Primary and Secondary students. This website is great to have on you for any lesson and unit planning based on the historical event. Below is the link to explore:

We hope these resources will be resourceful to mark this day with understanding for the students you teach!

Lest We Forget

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