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Spelling Activities for the Classroom

How many times have you seen students just cover, write, and check their spelling words and then put in their spelling book or homework satchels? Sometimes it is always the same old activities that are set which makes it a disengaging task or chore for students to do each week.

This week, we have found some fun spelling activities to get students engaged with set spelling words in the classroom. This is a great way to get students wanting to do their spelling if they have more than one option to support their learning.

Teacher Starter has shared some hands-on engaging spelling activities for the classroom that will make students want to learn their spelling words! Check them out! They are even great to have in your CRT Toolkit and are also fantastic to use for homework activities at home!

We have found some spelling worksheets which can be ideas for you to put on the whiteboard as a set spelling task! They have a range of spelling tasks such as: alphabetical order, rainbow writing, putting words in a sentence, secret code spelling and many more!

We have also found some quick spelling activities that can be useful to use in the classroom if you need to think of something to do on your feet. Most of the activities on the list use small whiteboards, as classrooms usually have a supply of small whiteboards for students. This is a great way for students to practise word work and spelling words as a class, in pairs or on their own. Many of these activities you may have seen when out teaching, but it is also good to have some different activities up your sleeve for early finishers or as an extension lesson.

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