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STEM Resources

We have noticed STEM known as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is getting a lot more attention in the current times and in primary schools, so we thought we would provide our amazing CRT's and Education Support with some online resources and professional learning based on the subject.

We have found some STEM activities on YouTube that can give you lesson inspiration when teaching STEM in schools. Some of these activities are great to have in your CRT Toolkit when out teaching.

Crash Course for Kids on YouTube is a great way to get students engaged within the topics of science, engineering, and technology. They have a range of topics to choose from and is a great starter to come up with some lessons based around these topics they talk about. There is a great professional learning opportunity from Cool Australia. This online PD is a great way to learn why STEM is so important for student education and how we can incorporate this learning in the classroom. The online PD only costs $39.95 which is a great way to get your professional learning hours up!

Below is the link to purchase and extra details about the course.

There can be some hesitation to cover STEM classes at school. This hesitation could be not knowing if anything is left to teach or where to start to make the learning engaging to students. The main point of teaching STEM is to create student engagement, discovery, and fun for the day. Who knows, you may even learn something new too!

We hope these resources may support you when out teaching and to build your confidence to try something new that is out of your comfort zone.

"There are no failures, just discoveries” – Anonymous

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