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Technology used in the Classroom

Technology is a constant resource used to share and show learning to 21st century students. It is dependently used anywhere, and we thought this week we would supply teachers who are coming back into the teaching career or those that need some extra support when using technology that is used in the classroom.

Some classrooms have a SMART Board and there can be some hesitation using them due to not knowing how to use them. We have found website that explains how to use the markers and screen to build confidence.

There is a free online professional learning course on how to effectively use interactive whiteboards. We have attached the link below if interested. You will need to create a login to complete this free online course. It is also great to get your professional learning hours up!

Projectors and laptops are the most common used technology in the classroom. They are usually connected with a HDMI Cord to share the laptop screen to the projector screen. We have found an article with visuals that explains how to connect a laptop to a projector.

Google Drive is an online space where teachers either collaborate and save documents when planning their units of work, lessons, and resources for teachers to access and share to students. The school usually provides you with login details such as a username and password to access their Google Drive or the Shared File you will be needing when teaching.

We have attached Google Support to explain how to access and use Google Drive if this is new to you.

You are never alone in the classroom when it comes to technology, the students you teach for the day have an interest in ICT and are your number one support when needing help with connecting laptops to projectors. They are always watching their teachers do this throughout the day and know which cord goes where or what button to press. Please do not be shy to ask for help if you are having technical issues.

We hope these links are helpful and provides more confidence with the most common technology that is used in schools. If there is something you are not confident in when it comes to technology, please don’t hesitate to research it and watch tutorials on how to use.

‘Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.’

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