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Thank you 2022, that's a wrap!

The year of 2022 had many highlights here at Free Agency, it was definitely a year of prosperity coming out of two years of disruptions due to the covid pandemic which did take a toll on those within education.

The year started off strong and continued with a great amount of work in schools! Everyone was glad to be back in the classroom especially students having an undisrupted year and not learning remotely! We too know teachers and relief teachers were glad to be back in the classroom and have that feel of normality they missed prior to the pandemic.

Throughout the year you could feel the positivity in the air at schools, as there weren't many challenges compared to what the previous two years threw at us! Covid testing was the only challenge thrown in the mix this year as well as illnesses but this did not deter our staff after feeling better as they continued being that positive role model to students by showing perseverance and determination.

In the middle of this year we had a growth milestone! We are proud to be working not just with primary schools but also secondary schools this year and beyond! We are looking forward to a positive 2023 with many good things to come in this space and we cannot wait to be supporting our wonderful staff and new members when we get back into it next year!

If you or if you know anyone who has a great passion for primary teaching, secondary teaching or educational support, we would love to hear from you and work with us next year! We feel 2023 is going to be a more prosperous year with plenty of work in schools and a year of opportunity to grow in your teaching career!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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