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Tips on how to recover from a "bad day" of relief teaching.

We get it! We all have bad days and it can happen to the best of us.

As a casual relief teacher, education support or someone who is just beginning your teaching career there will be times where you feel deflated from a day at school.

We need to be aware that it is okay to have these days as we are still learning and this is where we put things into perspective to grow in our teaching profession.

To get over a bad day, we have come up with some recovering tips to get you back up and seize a new day in the classroom!

1. Talk to someone about your day

It is okay to rant and talk about your day, but just be mindful where you have this

conversation. Talking out the day is helpful for yourself to move past from the day and get someone else's perspective to support you.

2. Give yourself some 'Me Time'.

After your teaching shift, this is your time for yourself to destress from the day. Some options are to:

  • Relax on the couch and watch either a film or a binge-worthy series

  • Go for a walk, refresh your mind

  • Have a cup of tea

  • Listen to some music

Find something that makes you happy to get your mind off what occurred at school.

3. Reflect and Learn from it

Reflecting is one of the key components to learn from mistakes. It is a time to think of what could you have done to improve.

As a graduate or someone new into their teaching career it is a good idea to write in a diary or personal notebook to reflect on the day. We have come up with some questions :

  • What occurred when out teaching?

  • How did you approach the situation?

  • Could there have been an improved way of sorting out the situation?

  • How can you learn from this situation if this occurs again?

* By writing your day reflections it also counts towards your Professional Learning when applying for full registration with the VIT as you are reflecting on your practice and how you can improve.

4. Stay and Think Positive!

The best part of substitute teaching with a crt agency is you can have a blank slate the next day and be supplied to another school. Continue to stay positive and have a positive mindset as we all are still learning and continue be confident in yourself! No matter if the situation was about classroom behaviour or a lesson plan that didn't work out just remember tomorrow is a new day!

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