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Festive Season Resources - 2022

December is here! We know everyone is counting down the days to Christmas and we are sure this is happening in every classroom too! We have found some resources to use during these last few weeks of term to celebrate the festive season.

Please do remember to be mindful and considerate to those who do not celebrate Christmas. It is a good idea to speak with other teachers nearby on whether it is suitable for the class you are taking for the day.

Twinkl have a free to download Christmas Booklet that will keep students busy for the week! These booklets are great to give to students as an early finisher task and they can work quietly. They also have other celebration resources such as Hannukah. Below are the links to download!

Education,com have a large range of printable worksheets based around Christmas. There are some great word searches and crosswords to have up your sleeve as an extra literacy activity for students. You can even choose which worksheet for any year level to suit.

Shutterfly has some free downloadable craft activities and lesson ideas to have for art sessions or as an extra activity to keep engagement up with primary students.

Activity Village have a range of Christmas activities to choose from! They have Christmas art and craft activities while also covering literacy and numeracy activities. Feel free to have a browse!

There are so many resources online to explore for celebrations, we hope everyone has a chance to explore and come up with some festive activities for students to enjoy these last few weeks of Term 4.

We wish everyone a wonderful season's greetings and enjoy your well -deserved break! See you in 2023!

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