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Poetry Resources

We are coming up to the end point of Term 4 and usually students have completed all assessments and the set learning. This term is usually revision on certain topics for students or teachers decide to provide students with some fun and engaging activities. One of these fun and engaging activity topics is Poetry!

Poetry is a form of expression. It provides students an outlet to share their emotions and thoughts on a subject. It is a fantastic way for students to use their imagination and to connect with their own life experiences.

There are so many different types of poetry to share with students and we have found some online resources that may be useful when out relief teaching and you want to give poetry a go with students! We will be able to teach students different poetry devices such as rhyme, alliterations, repetition and many more!

To begin your lesson, it is always best to engage students with a YouTube video by showing students different styles of Poetry. We have added an introduction video on Poetry that goes into detail of what is poetry and the devices used when writing.

Poetry 4 Kids provides you with a range of lesson plans for writing poetry. They go into detail about how to write a certain style of poetry. This is a great place to explore when planning or preparing for a lesson!

Teaching Expertise is another great website to gain inspiration for lesson activities for poetry especially when teaching the younger year levels with rhyming and word work and new vocabulary.

Haiku is a wonderful style of poetry to teach students to write. It gets them to focus on the syllables of words based on a certain topic of choice. Below is a video of how a Haiku Poem is created and once again provides student engagement!

Another fantastic style of poetry is Cinquain! A great way to test your students understanding of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and synonyms! As it is coming to Christmas many students love to express this celebration with a Cinquain Poem. Below we have added a well written blog by Poetry Tea Time on how to write a Cinquain Poem!

We hope everyone gets a chance to teach some poetry as it can be a fun topic to share with students, especially with Term 4 wrapping up and we hope these websites can be helpful to engage students with their writing!

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