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National Science Week Resources

From the 13th to the 21st of August it is National Science Week! A fun week that celebrates everything Science and technology!

This celebration features more than 1000 events nationwide and are presented in universities, schools, libraries, museums and science centres. These events attract not only children but also adults who are either amateurs or professionals. It is a great week to learn something new!

The 2022 theme is Glass: More than meets the eye. The theme is based on the UN International Year of Glass to celebrate the many roles that glass plays in our lives and our sustainable future.

We have found some online resources to have up your sleeve when out casual relief teaching during Science Week and to engage students in the world of science in the classroom!

The Science Week website has many online teaching resources that are targeted for all year levels for both Primary and Secondary Schools. All are pdf downloadable or online links that centres around the 2022 theme of glass.

To engage students in the theme of Glass we have found some fascinating science experiments that uses glass. An amazing one which I am sure would be a great hit with primary students is the lava lamp!

Scitech also show different science experiments to keep the engagement of science going for the week! Even though these experiments are not based around glass, it is still beneficial to show to students either as a brain break or when eating recess and lunch to keep them engaged!

Teacher Starter have shared some easy science experiments around glass that will surely impress students and how glass is an impressive resource. There is a great activity on here about refraction which doesn't many materials and where you would find at any school to show students! Check it out!

We hope everyone has a fantastic Science Week where you get to learn something new and of course have some fun with science!

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