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Numeracy Activities with Dominoes

Dominoes are usually found in the classroom either in the dust and not looked upon unless students want to do Domino runs during wet day timetables!

We have found some online activities that can make numeracy fun with dominoes and have another teaching approach to math operations and fractions!

The Teacher Next Door provide a large amount of numeracy warm-up games with dominoes which covers a range of numeracy operations. These math games can be adapted to make them work for certain year levels and student support.

If the classroom doesn’t have dominoes, we have found a pdf resource that supplies cut out dominoes which can be used instead! This resource also has a range of math games with instructions.

This blog below shows a range of paper worksheets that uses dominoes to support learning for addition and subtraction, odds and evens, comparing numbers and ordering numbers. These. Would be fantastic ideas to have with you in your toolkit as an extended task if students are learning these areas in numeracy.

Dominoes are so under-rated in the classroom, we hope these activities will make you think twice about dominoes and how they can be supportive in numeracy learning with students!

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