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The Education Show 2022

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The Education Show was back on in Melbourne at the Exhibition Centre on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th June. The main theme of the Education Show this year was to present innovative, inclusive learning and emotional resilience teaching resources to educators.

This was a fantastic opportunity for educators to gain professional learning through the many education programs, support services and technology to support you when out teaching!

There were plenty of resources on offer and many freebies along the way through the exhibitions. Faber-Castell was a big hit

of exhibitionists, offering many of their products as freebies.

They also work closely with Cool Australia who supply many lesson plans that use the Faber-Castell products.

There were many exhibitions where you could get involved in the learning and test the new technology products such as virtual learning, lego creations, Smart-boards and even a creative moment to draw with water-colours.

We attended the VCOP and BIG Write seminar by Andrell Education. Samantha Taylor provided many quick warm up games and incentives around the VCOP and Big Write Program with VCOP KID's.

She also stressed the importance of being social with primary students. During the pandemic there wasn't much talking based around learning especially in the homes. Samantha strategised different ways to ask what was learnt at school.

For example you would ask "What was your proud moment at school today?" compared to just asking "What did you learn at school today?" as you will most likely to get the shrug of shoulders or blank faces! Check out Andrell Education for professional learning or any education resources around VCOP and Big Write via the link below for more information. We have also attached the VCOP Kids Youtube page for any warm up games and demonstrations.

We highly recommend attending the education show when it returns next year, it is a great opportunity to converse and network with exhibitionists to find out what is on offer, build professional learning hours and what would be useful for your own teaching pedagogy.

Keep your eye peeled for the next Education Show via the website below!

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