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VIT Registration Renewal and Professional Learning

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Can you believe it is the last week of Term 3 already! It is also that time of year to complete your VIT Registration Renewal before the end of September to maintain your teaching registration.

During your break it is a good time to make sure you have completed your VIT annual requirements. One of these requirements could be professional learning and we thought we would provide you with some online resources that are available to support you that counts towards your professional learning. Those who are on provisional registrations do not need to do professional development however, it is still beneficial to know where to look to complete the 20 hours of professional learning when moving to full registration. For more information on what your annual registration requirements are, please visit:

Did you know on your MyVIT account you can log your Professional Learning and reflect on your learning? This is a great way to know how many hours you have completed and to document your professional learning notes as evidence, if randomly chosen for an audit. Below is a link to VIT on how to record your professional learning activities on MyPD.

CrtPD is supported by the Victorian Government and is administered by the Teacher Learning Network that provides free Professional Development for Casual Relief Teachers. They have On Demand PD's and online webinars that you can access and complete anytime. After completing, you will receive a certificate of completion that provides evidence towards your PD hour requirement. Below is the link to register:

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) is another great resource that provides a range of examples of practice that align closely with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers which is what you will be assessed on when going through the process of full registration.

Many of the resources we send you and for you to explore can be marked down as professional learning as they are teaching resources to support your teaching practice when our relief teaching and supporting.

Australian Teacher Aide is another place for Teacher aides and also teachers to have access to professional learning resources online. They have a wide amount of P-12 resources to support when out supporting students. To access, you will need to make a free login, the professional learning may not be free however the resources are accessible. This is another way to build up those professional hours!

Reflecting on your casual relief teaching can also be added towards your professional learning as you are reflecting on the day. Your reflections could be about a certain lesson taught to students that worked well, an area of learning/resources or it could even be a problem that occurred at school and how you could improve your teaching practice for next time. There is plenty to reflect on when out teaching and on your own teaching experience. Below we have attached a link that shows what you can record as professional learning on the VIT website.

We hope these sites will support you with your professional learning and are resourceful to you when completing your VIT requirements for registration.

Have a lovely last week of Term 3 and bring on the school holidays to re-energise for Term 4!

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