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World Teacher's Day 2022

World Teacher's Day is celebrated across Australia on Friday 28th of October. This day was set up in 1994 by the United Nations to recognise the vital role that teachers play in society. This week we wanted to provide you with some activities you can do with the students to celebrate the day to make the day extra special for their teachers and of course yourselves! This day is a fun one when out casual teaching or education supporting, as schools recognise the day and have a morning tea for all teachers and staff!

The World Teacher's Day Website has a fun way to get us involved by taking a “hats off” selfie to celebrate teachers. All you do is take a selfie with your favourite hat to celebrate teachers’ day, share it on your socials mentioning @aitsl and use the hashtag: #WTD2022. Below is the website for more details, if interested and they also provide other ways to celebrate our day!

For students to get involved we have found some fun lesson ideas that can be early finisher tasks for Friday that students can do to celebrate their teachers and give them small gifts as appreciation for all they do for them.

We have found some free printable colouring pages to have up your sleeve for younger students. Sometimes student like to give their colouring or drawings as a gift to their teacher or even yourself!

Some Art and Craft Ideas that could make an art session fun for students to make some hand-made thank-you cards. There are links to click on to access instructions and what materials needed to complete some of the craft ideas. Below is the link to explore!

If you need something in the classroom for a last-minute task, this becomes a great writing session for students to write a letter to their teacher and how grateful they are to have them.

Students can make their own cards for their teachers as another option. Plenty of tutorials on YouTube to make Paper Origami Cards if students in the upper year levels want a challenge.

The day is also for you, not just the teachers you are replacing. In the staff room there would be a celebration with morning tea, this is a great opportunity to reflect on your own teaching experience with other teachers and staff that you meet.

Reflect on:

- What motivated you to want to become a teacher?

- What makes you passionate about teaching?

- Think of a moment when students have made an impact on you and your teaching career.

These questions are a great conversation starter and are also another way to personally reflect on your teaching experience in a journal which can be added to your professional learning hours.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Teacher’s Day! We appreciate all the work you do! Hats off to you!


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