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ANZAC Day Resources

Updated: May 4, 2022

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter break and are ready to go for Term 2!

As you know ANZAC Day was on Monday and many schools when they get back commemorate the day through reflection, learning activities and resources.

This week, we thought we would supply you with some online lesson ideas and resources to have up your sleeve to support you when out teaching.

ABC Education has listed some fantastic educational resources to engage both primary and secondary students with Anzac history. There are plenty of hyperlinks to explore and learn about the Anzacs.

Teacher Starter has provided some creative Anzac Day activities and resources that could be inspirational not just in the classroom but also teaching art! There are plenty of creative and artistic activities to present the significance of the Anzac’s.

For Teachers for Students have primary curriculum aligned lessons and activities based on Anzac Day the free to download. This is great to have in your toolkit as just in case lessons.

It is also useful to know some Anzac Day story picture books and authors that could be found in the any school library. These story books would be good to incorporate when students are either having a brain break or fruit snack to keep the learning going!

We hope everyone has a wonderful first week back!

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