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Halloween-Themed Lesson Ideas

Not sure if you haven’t noticed in your neighbourhood in the month of October was Halloween on Monday! While we don’t often celebrate Halloween in Australia, however it is becoming very popular with spooky house decorations on display and is the big conversation with students in the classroom discussing costumes and Trick or Treat. We thought this week, we would share some resources that have the theme of Halloween. Please do remember that many classrooms will have a wide range of different beliefs, so as always, be aware of this when using any resources.

Super Teacher Worksheets provide a range of Halloween numeracy worksheets for students to solve. They also provide a range of worksheets for any topic in literacy and numeracy that target year levels they are suited for. Having these worksheets on hand can be useful when nothing is left, or you can pull out for early finishers to complete.

Twinkl has free downloadable Mindfulness Colouring sheets that are good to have in your CRT Toolkit. They have some good quality Halloween colouring sheets for students to get creative with.

Lastly, we have also found some Halloween themed puzzles that are easy to print and use for early finishers or for students to do during mindfulness sessions. They have many Word Searches, Word Scrambles, Crosswords and Sudoku to choose from.

Secondary Teachers, we have found some English lesson plan ideas that touch on the theme of Halloween. Edgar Allen Poe, a poet wrote many poems that are dark and creepy. The website has the links to the poems and is a great way for student to analyse the stanzas and idea the literary language and techniques.

We hope these activities give you some inspiration to motivate and engage students in the theme of Halloween!

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