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R U OK? Day 2022

This week on Thursday 8th of September is R U OKAY? Day, it is our national day of dedication to remind everyone to support those struggling with life’s ups and downs. These ups and downs happen to us all, so chances are someone you know might be struggling.

So, please make a moment meaningful and ask someone how they really are going. You could meet up for a coffee or it could just be a phone call or text just to see how they are and be that positive person who changes somebody’s life.

For educational resources or the simple steps on how to ask, we have put the R U OKAY website links below to have a browse:

Twinkl have a variety of R U OK? Resources from Prep to Year 6. To speak about mental health and wellbeing you would most likely be teaching this to Year 5 and 6 which is where you would be more likely to talk about mental health and wellbeing in the Primary sector. The activities provided are for mindfulness or brain break times but are still valuable for the upper level to be aware of the services to support mental health and wellbeing.

Please look after yourselves and remember there are lots of resources open to you if you need support. There is no harm in reaching out and supporting your own mental health and wellbeing.

Beyond Blue Phone: 1800 512 348

HeadtoHelp Phone: 1800 595 212

Lifeline Australia Phone: 13 11 14

Just remember it is okay to not be okay. There is always someone to talk to.

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