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World Space Week!

Did you know World Space Week is celebrated every year from the 4th to 10th October? This week is centrally celebrated for the contributions of space science and the progression it has done for humanity.

This is a great week to encourage students to discover, explore and be engaged with everything about space, which is why we have found some teaching resources for you to explore this week!

The World Teacher’s Week website provides you with a range of teaching resources to explore. There are many online links to space topics to share and many activities to use for a lesson. Below is the website to explore and to give you inspiration for lesson creating.

Video from Space have fantastic YouTube videos by astronauts who show the living situation in the International Space Station and how to do the basic things in life we do on Earth. These videos are great to show students for a brain break or even when they are eating lunch. They will use their thinking skills and learn how astronauts brush their teeth, wash their hair or sleep when there is zero gravity in space. it will make students mind-blown how the simplest tasks on Earth can be done differently in Space.

NASA also has some great videos of rocket launches. There was recently on the Term 3 holidays a livestream of humanity’s first attempt to divert an asteroid the size of a football field, with a spacecraft, which was a successful attempt and will be used if needing to deflect an Earth-threatening asteroid in the future. This live stream is on the NASA YouTube page.

We have found ten STEM activity ideas that will get students thinking and working together that are based around space. There is a great activity for students to design a building to grow plants on Mars that will withstand the challenging environment. Below is the link explore the activities.

We hope everyone has a fantastic first week back for Term 4 and get to celebrate Space Week with some interesting resources to share to students!

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